Event Horizon

Inspired by the movie of the same name, I wanted a time piece
that reflected the tech of the ship.

There are two models with polar opposite finishes that represent the ‘before and after’ effects of the event horizon….

THE LIGHT – Polished finish –  CNC stainless steel 316L. Boasting a Swiss 20 jewel Eterna movement engine.

THE DARK – DLC Dark Star finish – CNC stainless steel 316L, satin black diamond coating with gold or steel accents. Boasting a Swiss 20 jewel Eterna movement engine.

This limited watch will be specially made for you, on request.

The movement of the watch….

This was so very important to me!

The watches calibre is at the heart of the timepiece – it has to be quality – it has to be reliable – it has to be Swiss.

This is why I chose Eterna. With the companies 150 years of watch making and hand built finesse, It is the perfect

union with the Event Horizon. I chose the 39 mechanical movement for it 65 hour reserve. Mechanical over automatic,

establishing a relationship between the owner and the watch….

Event Horizon Materials

It’s not just about the design or the heart of the watch…What it’s made from and how it’s made are equally important!

The Event Horizon’s case is manufactured in England from the finest 316L stainless steel carved by the CNC process.

Even tougher still, you can elect to have the steel case with a black diamond finish – 60 times harder than steel alone.

The face of the watch is the best sapphire crystal, 4 mm thick, true double domed and anti-reflective coated with either gold

or blue hues.

The bands are saddle stitched and fully hand made using traditional techniques from the finest hides available

by the best craftsman I could find – MKleathers. Crafted from caiman, shark, lizard, ostrich and other exotics

as well as the premium  vegetable tanned  calf leathers.

Regards, Jet